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Company Name Transport4U - Owned by Triple Eight Strategies Enterprise Founded January 2014 by Juli Binti Mohamad and Amar Firdaus (bio left column)


To provide a fully functional domestic online haulage exchange for the logistics industry, SME's and the general public.

What Problem Does Transport4u Solve?

Our mission is to resolve empty return load journeys for hauliers and logistics companies. Put simply, empty truck return journeys (after they have delivered their load) can be matched to goods travelling in the same direction so increasing the tight margins for hauliers in this industry.

Who Benefits?
Everyone.....But I Will Name 5

  1. The customer is happy if they can book an empty return load for the transportation of their goods because the rate is reduced.
  2. The trucker is happy because he has increased his margin on what would have been non paying return miles driven without a load.
  3. The environment, because a more efficient land transportation system reduces the kilometres driven while still delivering the same volume of goods, in short less GHG's unleashed on the environment.
  4. All road users, because a more efficient road transport system reduces congestion.
  5. Large logistic companies, they claim there is a driver shortage, so targeting goods into empty trucks increases driver availability.

Put simply, we are creating a Win/Win situation for both parties in the transportation of goods as well as helping the environment and helping to reduce traffic congestion

How Does Transport4U Benefit Financially?

We do not, Transport4U is a free service to use for all for the forseeable future. This is a new service, the onus is on us to prove to our members they can profit from using the service we provide, once they can make money we will start looking at possible ways of monetizing it.


More Detail On Our Service

It's not just about backloads because SME's, logistic companies, warehouses and the general public can advertise any item or goods that they want to transport. The only caveat is their contact details of e-Mail and telephone number are only visible on a private members page. Only transport companies who have signed up as members have access to these details. All other info is viewable to all on the jobs listing page.

How many members?

There are 640 premium logistic transport companies that have joined Transport4u with most viewable on the interactive map web page (some companies have requested not to be included on the map). This figure is the exact number of registered members as it reads the information direct from our database and auto updates when a new member joins.

What Technoligies Are Used On The Website?

MODX framework using MIGXDB to record and store data, BLOX for data retrieval and TableSorter for data display.
TableSorter comes with instantaneous search and filter functionality so it is easy to search for collection or delivery location or collection date.
We have tested with up to 1000 entries without loading issues.
We plan to expand the services into more specialist transportation niches as usage picks up.
The Interactive Map uses a mix of javascript and Php.

Some Quick Facts And Figures

In a recent survey of Malaysian truckers we found that 77% of trucks return to base empty after delivering goods.

  1. Inefficient land transport system in Malaysia encourages traffic congestion
  2. Inefficient land transportation system in Malaysia increases the country's carbon footprint
  3. Empty return loads are inefficient and eat into a limited driver resource pool
  4. In 2011 Malaysia's Co2 emissions were 43 million metric tons *
  5. Land transportation makes up 18% of Malaysia's Co2 emissions *
*Co2 data from World Bank

Do Transport4u Have A Blog?

Yes: Transport Analysis And Research

Contact Details:

  1. General Contact: mail (at)transport4u.my
  2. Managing Director: juli (at)transport4u.my
  3. Whatsapp Juli: 017 315 6995
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Make Your Move The Transport4U Way:

How can we help you?

We encourage transport and logistics companies to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we can help your business.

We can help any commercial or industrial enterprise achieve transport savings of up to 70%, we encourage any business organisation wanting to transport their goods to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we may reduce your transportation costs.

Transportation Quote

Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician – M. Cox

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