This is the first Haulage Exchange Purely for the Malaysian road network!

Did You Know?

empty truck research Malaysia

What Is Transport4U

Transport4U Is The First Online Haulage Exchange Operating In Malaysia purely for national road haulage. Transport4U cater for everything from courier movements through to light haulage and even larger freight carriers.

The big opportunities for customers demanding value from their hauliers is in the light haulage area where there are thousands of empty trucks returning to their base empty every day in Malaysia. This light haulage sector is the niche that Transport4U is firmly focused on.

The figures are very clear; 77% of small and medium hauliers return to their base without a load on delivery journeys above 100km. This logistical inefficiency in the road transport network of Malaysia bears a huge cost to the transport industry running into many millions of Ringgit annually.

Load Capacity Scenarios

empty truck research Malaysia

After successfully completing a transport delivery many trucks and vans return to their respective depots empty because no suitable freight or goods could be found in the destination area. Small and medium sized transport service providers suffer from this industry phenomenon and are always looking for opportunities to redress this financial imbalance. On the loaded trip transport operators can pass the operating costs to the customer but on the returning journey it is not commercially feasible to pass this cost to the customer. This financial vacuum can be redressed by reducing the number of empty trips and this is where the Transport4U Malaysian Freight Exchange platform can assist to do exactly that.

Routine Freight Movements

Many small and medium transport operators facilitate routine freight movements on a regular basis and a large percentage of these do not operate at full load capacity. Because of this many freight carriers purposely try to overbook their capacity and then try to combine shipments to make the journey more economically viable. Transport operators who fail to accomplish full load capacity can use the Transport4U Freight Exchange platform to bid on jobs in an attempt to achieve a higher load capacity. Transport operators who overbook capacity can get a sub-contractor to move the freight for them.

Combined Shipments

Costs for the sub contractor scenario can be reduced for the freight carrier by using the Transport4U Freight Exchange platform to advertise these jobs (free to advertise). Transport operators are constantly looking to maximise the number of fully loaded journeys per vehicle including the return journey. This is an ongoing battle for them and this is why the Transport4U Freight Exchange is a 'must have' tool for all sales and transport management teams. Any surplus shipments (from overbooking) are then sub-contracted out to other transport operators but this too can be expensive for the freight carrier.

There Are Many Ways To Use Our Services:

  1. As a premium transporter (member) you have direct access to the contact details of shippers advertising their goods for transportation, so you can bid to gain more work.
  2. You can list any freight route with available capacity on our website and invite interested parties to contact you to help fill your lorry.
  3. You can list all your empty backloads on our website and invite interested parties to contact you to put their goods into your vehicle.
  4. You can list work you wish to sub-contract out and achieve a mutually beneficial agreement with another carrier.

How To Check Their Track Record?

It's impossible to walk around KL or any other big Malaysian city without seeing these Lori Sewa signs (lorry for hire) sprouting up on every available tree and street lamp surrounding housing developments. However, how is it possible to do background checks on the reliability and trustworthiness of the transporters behind these impromptu illegal advertisements?

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Make Your Move The Transport4U Way:

How can we help you?

We encourage transport and logistics companies to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we can help your business.

We can help any commercial or industrial enterprise achieve transport savings of up to 70%, we encourage any business organisation wanting to transport their goods to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we may reduce your transportation costs.