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Haulage Companies Seeking Increased Revenue Generation Channels

Five Questions

  1. Are you a haulage company?
  2. Are you a logistics company?
  3. Are you a transport provider?
  4. Does your company use vehicles to commercially transport goods?
  5. Are you interested in increasing margins on your transportation work?

If the answer to any of these is yes then please read on.

What Benefits Does Your Company Get For Registering With Transport4U?

Once you have registered with us you can log in and have access to all the contact details of shippers who have advertised their shipping jobs with us. You can contact any of the transportation jobs that meet your transport profile and location.

As Transport4U grows so will the opportunities for your company to win more work.

Does Your Company Already Deliver Goods On Regular Routes?

If yes and you have spare unused capacity in your vehicles then fill in the form to advertise the routes and dates (this service is only available to premium members). Other logistic companies can see your unutilised capacity and offer you loads to carry on your stated dates.

The Empty Backload Conundrum

reduce empty backloads

This is where you can turn your unutilized capacity into an extra revenue stream. All hauliers face having empty backloads (return journeys with no load), the difficult part is trying to get a return load to increase margin on the route.

This is where Transport4U freight exchange comes in. Premium members can advertise their whole fleets’ empty backloads. There are no extra charges for this and no commissions to be paid. Filling your first empty backload can cover your subscription fee, after that $$$$.

How Much Will This Service Transport4U Provide Cost Me?


Yes you read that correct, as an opening offer TRANSPORT4U ARE OFFERING THIS SERVICE AT ZERO COST for the forseeable future. We want to prove this type of service can work in Malaysia and we will only consider introducing an annual fee for members once they have started to reap the rewards of using this freight exchange.

Good Feedback Ensures You will Get More And More Future Work

We will be requesting feedback from all our shippers and this will be available for all future shippers to read. This feedback is an invaluable endorsement on your company. Companies that provide good service will receive good feedback. Good feedback gives future shippers confidence to choose your company to deliver their goods.

Cheapest Bid Is Not Always The Winner

Shippers will always look to transport providers’ feedback. Shippers evaluate many things when choosing their transport provider. Once you have built a good reputation with many recommendations shippers will be attracted by your previous good work. In a scenario where trust is vital it is not always the cheapest bid that the shipper will choose. This is the importance of obtaining good feedback.

One Man And His Van, Or Lorry

There are opportunities for the smallest company’s right up to the large fleet hauliers to use the Transport4U Freight Exchange.

It is possible for one small lorry or one van operators to grow very quickly by using Transport4U service. Small owner operators are very aware that they can ensure future work by providing a good reliable service.

This is where good feedback will help to grow their business and allow them to outshine their competitors.

Register Now If You Answer Yes To Any Of The Following Statements:

  1. Is your fleet capacity underutilized?
  2. Do you have spare transport capacity on regular delivery runs?
  3. Do you have spare transport capacity on backloads?
  4. Would you like the opportunity to win more transportation work?
  5. Would you like the opportunity to expand your transport business?

Register Now As A Premium Transport Provider And Start To Bid On Transport Jobs. Start To Advertise Your Under Utilized Backload Capacity And Increase Your Margins On Less Profitable Routes.

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Make Your Move The Transport4U Way:

How can we help you?

We encourage transport and logistics companies to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we can help your business.

We can help any commercial or industrial enterprise achieve transport savings of up to 70%, we encourage any business organisation wanting to transport their goods to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we may reduce your transportation costs.