Lorry Hire Interactive Map

If you need to hire a lorry in your area then this is the map to find that truck

Zoom into the area where you live or work to see your local transportation providers, click on the lorry icon to find the name of the haulier

Lorry Hire Interactive Map

You can contact any haulier directly by clicking on any of the icons in the map, it will automatically open your default email account and input the hauliers email address into the addressee box and you can send an email enquiry direct to the hauliers person in charge when you send the email.

How many Malaysian hauliers are members?

There are 640 premium logistic transport companies that have joined Transport4u with most viewable on the interactive map web page (some companies have requested not to be included on the map). This figure is the exact number of registered members as it reads the information direct from our database and auto updates when a new member joins.

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Click On Any Member Icon In Your Area On Our Interactive Map Above And Invite Them To Quote For You.

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We encourage transport and logistics companies to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we can help your business.

We can help any commercial or industrial enterprise achieve transport savings of up to 70%, we encourage any business organisation wanting to transport their goods to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we may reduce your transportation costs.