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Two Questions

  1. Do you need to ship at the best rates?
  2. Do you need competitive quotations to transport your goods?

If the answer to any of these is yes then please read on.

What Benefits Do I get By Using Transport4U?

Transport4U actively seeks out transport providers who deliver on regular routes that have unused capacity on their vehicles.

By matching you the shipper seeking to transport your goods to the same destination as a transport provider already going to the same location, the transport provider is in a strong position to give you a very competitive quotation.

Example Case A

An example would be company A wants to deliver an industrial printer from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bharu. You can advertise for free on Transport4U website safe in the knowledge that only only our premium and verified members will have access to your contact details. Many of our members will deliver regularly on this route and we will send them notification of your job.

What Else Do We Do?

reduce empty backloads

We will first check if there are any vehicles available without a backload (returning to Johor empty or with half load).

If yes, then this is where you can really make savings because the haulage company has already been paid for this trip and they can be negotiated with to achieve a good price that is beneficial to both parties.

Example Case A End Result

Company A receives competitive transport quotation saving them money. This is a win win situation for both shipper and transport company.

Example Case B

A logistics company from Shah Alam will collect a full load from Port Klang, it will be delivered to a warehouse in Ipoh but, the truck does not have a return load to take back to Selangor.

What Can We Do?

Again we will cross check our members to see if there is a matching truck load/half load to be collected from Ipoh going to anywhere in Selangor.

Also we will talk to our members who regularly use this route to see what options there are, sometimes they run non profitable transportation journeys for regular customers and are prepared to sub contract the work out at a reasonable rate.

Combined loads are another option many haulage companies use. This involves combining many loads going to a similar destination however; this invariably leaves a surplus that cannot be carried and if this matches your backload route we will notify you.

Example Case B End Result

The logistics company from Shah Alam has greatly increased their chances of obtaining a backload by advertising their empty back load route with us and asking us to cross reference our database for companies delivering on this route who need to sub contract some of their work load.

Example Case C

A housewife wants to collect kitchen furniture she has just bought from a lady in Puchong and transport it to her home in Subang Jaya.

The Normal Routine To Engage Tansporter Services

1. Ask friends do they know anyone who can deliver furniture.

1. The Result

Subang Jaya housewife feels obliged to accept whatever quotation is given.

2. Walk down the road taking details off Sewa Lori signs on trees and lamp posts.

2. The Result

Subang Jaya housewife has limited herself to 3 or 4 quotations and she has no feedback on the reliability or trustworthiness of the transport provider.

3. Search classified advertisements and Yellow Pages for transport providers in your area.

3. The Result

Again Subang Jaya housewife has limited herself to 3 or 4 quotations and she has no feedback on the reliability or trustworthiness of the transport provider.

Above Examples - What Transport4U Will Do:

After Subang Jaya housewife has posted her furniture delivery job we will communicate this delivery listing to all transport providers (that meet the job profile description) within 10km of delivery and collection address.

Transport4u The Result

Subang Jaya housewife will have multiple quotations to choose from and she can read the feedback on the transport providers to ensure she is dealing with professional people. The cheapest quotation does not automatically win the work.

Subang Jaya housewife makes the ultimate choice of who she decides will transport her furniture. Also, there is no obligation for Subang Jaya housewife to choose any bids, the choice is hers.

It’s Free To Advertise Your Shipping Job

The above are just 3 examples of how Transport4U can make major savings when seeking transport providers to ship your goods.

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We encourage transport and logistics companies to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we can help your business.

We can help any commercial or industrial enterprise achieve transport savings of up to 70%, we encourage any business organisation wanting to transport their goods to contact us, we are happy to discuss how we may reduce your transportation costs.